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I guess most people know that Richard retired from performing a few years ago. I assumed it was mostly due to health issues and advancing age; but Richard being Richard, he is now renouncing rock and roll - AGAIN! - as the work of the devil, says he was trying to serve two masters. Yes, I've heard this story before. I can only imagine how hard it is to have to give up something you love, how hard it is when you can no longer play and sing the way you used to. So maybe this is just Richard's way of dealing with it psychologically. The music he played just went through you, it made you wanna move, Tutti Frutti, Long Tall Sally, Ready Teddy, Rip it Up, Lucille, Keep a Knockin', Good Golly Miss Molly. God blessed this world with the great talents of Richard Wayne Penniman. Now Richard is old, and certainly deserves his rest, and most of all peace of mind. Pray for our hero, pray that his remaining time here on earth is filled with peace and contentment.
Ron Fowler 2017-09-09

You are the absolute KING OF ROCK AND ROLL. The first real recording I heard was The Girl Can't Help it and Tutti Frutti on a very old jukebox. I was probably 4. Love you. Thanks for being you. I will share your music with my grandkids. God bless you.
Sarah Fox 2017-08-05

I am from Macon. I am having some slides printed out of your vacation bible school when you were young. I believe your dad was preacher (?). My mother (white) from Tabernacle Baptist and several ladies, Miss Ernestine Hooker taught the bible school. If you would like a CD of this please let me know.
Nancy Atwater 2017-07-17

I'm 7, and your the founder of rock .You can put your leg on the piano and play tootie fruity.Your the best of the best.
Alexander O'Hearne 2017-06-17

I love you Richard. You are the real king of Rock N Roll! You built the rocky road that everyone else rode on. You are the best
Don Beyer 2017-04-25

Hello Handsome! I am a huge fan I am 26 years old although I am much younger than many of your other fans I great up off of your music Sewell I was not. 1990 But your big comeback In the 90's was a huge influence on me I knew your catalog front to back I have fond memories of your appearances on full house and award shows your music is classic and it transcends generations I am at peace that you have so much self awareness you the King of RockNRock and your voice is so magnificent that you can sing any genre of music I want nothing than you to know you have made a mark in history that overrides all time frames you are loved Cherished admire and man are you Handsome lol But with all seriousness I love you with all my heart thank you for the gifting us your music
Rebecca Trimbelle 2016-07-28

Hallo Richard! Happy birthday to you! I`m a big fan of Yours, and I was very disapointet when I wisited Macon, Georgia, and found no Little Richard museum. Shame on the town ! You are the greatest!
Per Olav Lie 2015-12-05

Dear Mr. Penniman, I always thought you would be a fine companion if I were stranded on an island. You are spiritual, so we could sing gospel tunes, you are work to survive, you have humor so we could laugh at adversity, and I could borrow your 'guy liner' for my eyes! Thank you for the joy your music continues to bring.
Tina Vanderwall 2015-11-22

Dear Sir:As a lifetime fan of yours, I would love to receive an autographed photo of you.I am willing to pay a reasonable price for it. Please respond.Thanks! Larry Feigh
Larry Feigh 2015-02-09

Hi Little Richard, My mother once dated "Bumps" when i was a young girl, you signed the back of 1 of your albulms for me and a little guitar that i got for my birthday. I loved that guitar and took it everywhere with me. I lost it in a bad house fire 10 yeras ago! I will always be a huge fan!!!
Lindsey Jane Wilcox 2015-01-05

Happy Belated Birthday to you! I grew up with you, when I was young my mother (God rest her soul) would be doing laundry you song would come on and she would put me on her feet and we would dance. Your are my all time Favorite, would love to meet you one day, fingers crossed! Now shut up.
Belinda Campbell 2014-12-06

Hello Mr.Richard, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have given us with what God gave you. I turned to music when I was younger instead of drugs and I am greatful for your impression of your beautiful music and talent. I also love your style, it's the best. I can't thank you and others enough for what you gave. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life today because you deserve it. Again thank you very much. I am going to move back down south and I would love to at least get the chance to see you. You are a Beautiful Person. Thank You again Roxanne Bouwens
Roxanne Bouwens 2014-12-06

Good Morning from Queensland Australia Little Richard, thank you for your vibrant music, my favourite "send me some lovin" my wish to meet you during one of my trips to the States my favourite Country, the next best if you sent me a reply email - Ciao Anna
Anna Ortt 2014-10-27

Hello my name is howard friedman. Some time ago a friend of my father known as ben or benny friedman owned a tailoring shop where he made suits for people. the shop was next to the royal theater on pennsylvania ave. in baltimore city md.I heard you entered his store with two bags of sharkskin materials and asked him how much it cost and the rest is history. my father was a show promter on the side and put many excursions on the balto. harbor and also cars beach in md. If you have the time could you drop me a line if it,s true or not.I have listened to your records for years my favorite keep aknockin but You can,t come in. HOWARD FRIEDMAN 410-848-4373
howard friedman 2014-07-17

Nice with for the forum...But why not the entire site???
Mike Spike 2014-05-07

Is this the official website of mr. penniman?If so, why have the adress that NOONE remembers? Who remembers that?? :DPenniman deserves more than that after 50 years in showbiz. Webmaster, please register or or something like that for 3-4$/year!Also, the latest news is published over a year ago. Kidding?? If he doesn't make apperances, tell the fans about great new articles and stuff like that published daily!! for example.Also, fresh up the site. This look like mid-90's. Look at other artists look on official sites. is great. Cost like 100$ one time payment for great look.If this cost you TOO much, put an add in the sidebar from Google adds or something to cover your costs.Webmaster, and the fans... enjoy life, and rock on!//Mike the spike
mike carter 2014-04-16

Hi Lil Richard, we met in Nashville, Tn. Earlier this year, we talked about my family that lives in Macon, ga. "The Wilders". I deeply regret that I did not invite you to our church so that you could have the opportunity to see some of those you know. Please forgive my manners. You are welcome home anytime, of course you know that having the key to the city of Macon. God bless you and thanks for the book and pictures.
B Sampson 2013-12-30

Richard, you are the greatest and I thank you for all the rock n roll excitement you have given me,my family, friends and all the other people throughout the world since the mid 1950's. If anyone is good value it's you.
John Olliver 2013-12-28

Richard, I have always been a fan of yours through the years. Did you ever own a club in the 70's in East St Louis, Illinois? I have a friend who swears you did. I am wondering if she is having a senior moment. Thanks for any information.linda Montayne
Linda Montayne 2013-08-26

Little Richard, my wife and my daughter and I sure were thrilled to meet you last summer in Tullahoma in the Kroger parking lot.  We've enjoyed your music for over 50 years and we still listen to it on XM radio.  Thanks for the book and the autographed picture.  God Bless You.
Jim Patterson 2012-02-14

hello little richard how are you? i prayed so much to meet you little richard. you are my hero i loved you since i was little. i tried so hard to write to you hoping someday you will respond please. you are the best in the world to me. i listen to your songs all the time. i try not crying knowning will you ever read this i feel sad at times hoping god will answer and say yes i can meet you please be my friend little richard you are my icon my inspiration hero 314-243-1977 please write to me one day Robin Brown 6938 Leedale dr. st. louis, mo. 63121 i love you little richard, love always, Robin
Robin Brown 2012-02-06

Respects from the UK to you Sir, from one piano player, musician to another of a very similar background.
I would like further information on one of your back in the day gospel albums with the track 'It takes everything, to serve the Lord' availability etc and how can I get in touch with you for some mentoring advice please. My email is
Pianomantim Gb Tim Robinson 2012-02-05

Dear Little Richard, your brother Charles and his wife lived with my mom and I in Chicago, Illinois back in 1956 and he was talking to you on the phone.. He ask me to pick up the phone and you sang happy birthday tome for my 13th birthday.  I wonder how your brother and family are doing?  Also, I wish I could meet you, but I guess that will never happen. Anyway I will always cherish your singing to me.  Thank You
g j ramsey 2012-01-20

Richard. Sad, so sad to hear of the passing of the great Johnny Otis, I'm sure you'll agree.
Long live Roc'n'Roll.
John Olliver 2012-01-20

You ARE the archatect of Rock & Roll!Peace!
Bob Zem 2011-12-31

John Olliver 2011-12-06

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only LITTLE RICHARD to your 79th Birthday ----------  Congratulations from you long time friend and Fan Michael Neubert from Germany  --------------------------------------------------------- I hope that i will see you soon live in Concert or back here in Germany --------------------------------------- my E-Mail :
Michael Neubert 2011-12-05

Happy Birthday Little RichardRiccardo SaporitiMilanItaly
Riccardo Saporiti 2011-12-05

A very happy birthday to you Little Richard. Thank you for inspiring us and being such a great role model through the years. Hope to meet you in person next year and also maybe get to do an interview with you.Take care of yourself and please do try and record some material for your fans this year!Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy and Prosperous new year to you and all your loved ones. - Arjun
Arjun Kaul from INDIA! 2011-12-05

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR THE 5th., RICHARD - me and my friends send our very best wishes. I clearly remember hearing Long Tall Sally(WOW!) for the first time when the only radio in the 50's putting out RnR was Radio Luxemburg. Keep smiling, like you always do.!John.
John Olliver 2011-12-04

Happy birthday on the 5th.of December,may God bless and keep you .Good golly miss molly!Louise
Louise Huffer 2011-12-03

60th Anniversary of Little Richard Recordings !!!  -  start in a Record Studio his first songs - Oct. 16th, 1951 - RCA Camden - with this 4 songs - Get Rich Quick - Why did you leave me - Taxi Blues - Every Hour - Congratulations from your great German Fan Michael Neubert ( ) - Keep on Rocking !!!
Michael  Neubert 2011-10-21

Hi Mr Little Richard!..Like your musical style and I always had for you have extremely good lyrics and I like your song "Tuti Fruity" Ihe line "Got a gal name Daisey she almost drive me crazy" is so funny!I listen for that one line specially when that one comes wishes JoeyMars1 on Utube...
Joey Mars 2011-09-20

Hi Richard -- I met you in Nashville in July.  We were staying at the same hotel and I saw you three different times.  You were very friendly and kind.  Thanks for the book and photo you gave to me.  It was great to see you. Hope you're feeling well!
Greg Howell 2011-08-16

Just watched The Girl Can't Help It on TV, again. When you did Ready Teddy you looked and sounded fabulous, although the two main characters chatted during your preformance, how dare they!
John Olliver 2011-08-13

Stunning performance at A Capitol Fourth. Congratulations!
Michael Robinson 2011-07-10

Hallo Richard! In this moment I hear,that you are giving your comeback at 4.7.2011 Washington DC/West Lawn@U.S.Capitol..Is that really true!? If yes,all Rock'n Roll Fans all over the world are enjoy!! Also Petra and Juergen from Berlin,your greatest fans !! It is possible,that we are coming to the States for this great Event!! Petra and Jürgen WARRES from Berlin/Germaqny
Juergen  WARRES 2011-06-11

IHi Richard,I Met You In 1979 When You Came To My Room At The Vagabond Motel On Western Blvd.In Hollywood,California.Me And My Freind Robert Foster Were Making A Music Vidieo When You Nocked At My Door.When I Opened The Door I Felt So Blessed To Have You Come In.We Sat Down And Talked About Doing Some Music Together.I Have Allways Wanted To Be Your Guitar Player Ever Sinse You Told Me That I Reminded You Of Jimi.We Hit It Off So Well.I Am 53 Years Old Now And If The Invitation Is Still In Your Heart,I Would Love To Accept The Invitation And Be Your Guitar Player.You Have Allways Touched Wy Soul And You Will Allways Be In My Heart.I Would Love To Here From You Again Sinse It Has Been So Very Long Sinse We Have Talked.God Bless You Richard.I Will Allways Love And Cherish The Time We Spent Together.Your's Truly,Pat Owen
Pat Owen 2011-06-06

 read the terrible news of Richard Penniman.I am very sad....God bless your whole family,Richard.All your brothers I meet during your concerts....I hope,that you come back to your fans...the world need you Richard !! It is so terrible today,that I know the reason,that you sing your Gospels at the church !! Come back to your fans...the world need persons how you,Richard !!!Petra and Jürgen Warres from Berlin
Juergen WARRES 2011-05-19

I have just finished my 400 page book on the 1957 tour to Australia of Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Alis Lesley and am now seeking expressions of interest to purchase said book.
Please contact me at for further information.
Roddy  Jordan 2011-05-03

Condolences to Little Richard and Family on the passing of Beloved Brother Robert Penniman.
God has blessed the world with his presence and with the ability to remember him.
Phil Silverman 2011-05-02

If there were any person I would love to meet besides JESUS himself, it would be you Richard...I have followed your career since I was a child and you have always made me smile & dance during my deepest nights of my soul.  I love you and thank you for that Sir.  God Bless You Always.  (He has thus far done a very fine good already I see!)  Peace & Blessings, Lil Richard!! With Great Love & Respect, Jo Ann M-B Charlotte, NC & N.Y., N.Y. 
Jo Ann  Mort-Bergeman 2011-04-26

I consider it an honor to have met you and shake your hand at the elevator in Nashville.
Tom Meyers 2011-04-26

Im 19 and probably the biggest Little Richard fan.....One word.....GENIUS!!!!!
La'Chasity Marshall 2011-04-19

John Olliver 2011-04-11

I just saw a movie about you starring one of my favorite actors--Leon.  I sure wish you had married Lucille.  I pray you are healthy and well, Richard.  May God bless you!
Lauretta Ali 2011-03-08

**Hush up**
Yaron Farzan 2011-02-04

Long, long life to you.  You're music is about fun.  The world needs more of it.
Sam L 2011-02-01

Thankyou, we are there for you!
Sonny Sutton 2011-01-18

MAN, I SAW YOU AT THE KENNEDY CENTER IN 1971'!! You were so WILD!!! They had better get you in , you helped OPEN the place
lorrie R&R 2011-01-04

I wish You a happy birthday and send many of lovely Greetings from Middle-Europe,from Hungary.
Thank You for Your excellent musik!:)))
Dr Ildiko Depinyi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the King of Rock'n'Roll LITTLE RICHARD. Now 78 years old, but not to old for Rock'n'Roll. God bless you and i hope to see you back on stage here in Germany and all over the world in 2011. From your longtime friend and fan Michael Neubert. Here my website with some great photos from The King Little Richard ( ). Next week comes more concert photos from Little Richard on my website. My E-Mail address is :
Michael Neubert 2010-12-05

December 5th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the INVENTOR OF ROCK'n'ROLL from your oldest and most loyal fan.
John Olliver 2010-12-03

I read Richard retired !! Thats not possible....Your thrown is empty...THE KING is back....long live the King "Little Richard"!! Thats it is what people want to see!!! God bless you to your 78.birthday at 5.12.2010!! Come back...ALL PEOPLE want you!!! Jürgen and Petra Warres from Berlin....your greatest fans in the world!!!!!
Juergen WARRES 2010-12-03

  We LOOOOVE YOU...  XXOOXXOO...>>>>>>>>>>>
nancy fein 2010-10-17

A standing ovation for LITTLE RICHARD—the originator, the emancipator, the architect of rock and roll.
Marie Masson 2010-09-29

Tutti Frutti remains the most explosive two and a half minutes ever committed to vinyl...e-v-e-r!
Kevin Arnold 2010-09-19

!!!  55 YERAS OF TUTTI FRUTTI   !!!   Don't forget, 55 years ago, Little Richard recorded his worldwide hit Tutti Frutti on Sep. 13th to 14th 1955. Best Greetings from your great Fan here in Germany, Michael Neubert
Michael Neubert 2010-09-14

As we both enter our twiight years, I would just like to say that seeing Little Richard live in the UK is still one of my happiest and most memorable R&R experiences. Thank you Mr Penniman. "Well alright"
Ken Dolman 2010-09-12

Hello Little Richard,
I finally found your disk Lifetime Friend: I was looking for some time. I've purchased over the Internet and is very beautiful.
I'm 30 years old and I'm your fan, I like the rhythm and energy that you put in your songs. May the force be with you.
A greeting and a hug.
Riccardo Saporiti
Riccardo Saporiti 2010-08-29

Hi Richard;
As a favor to my father please get in touch with me, I have some very important questions to ask that only you can help me with. It's about somethings you all experienced and I desperately need some direction. Thank you so much! God Bless & Much Love!
Stephanie Church 2010-06-17

Dear Mr. Little Richard,
I am a lutheran pastor in East-Germany. I have all record's of you and I think you are the greatest!! It's a dream of me to meet you some day...
God bless you!
Christian Hering
Christian Hering 2010-03-24

Mr. Penniman,
I pray that you are healing and feeling well. I thought of you today and said a little prayer for you as I was driving thru your town. Blessing to you and yours!!
Thanks for all you do and have done!!
Dana K 2010-03-10

Wishing you a speedy recovery - YOU ARE ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!  Rock ON! LOVE YA!!
Alice Sullivan 2010-03-01

Hallo Richard......I hope you are in best health.."Long live the king"all people wants the"Architect of Rock'nRoll"!!!Come back,soon....your throne is empty....The next Tournee please start in Berlin(Germany) are your greatest fans.Here are playing now your best Double,Garry Moore from Hawaii....He is playing now in the Show "Stars in Concert" at Estrel-Hotel Berlin.Many greetings from him,he is a nice boy and your best friend. God bless you...your friend JÜrgen from Berlin(Star-Club Hamburg in the Sixties!!)
Juergen WARRES 2010-02-13

Mr. Richard,
I've sent 2 messages about making your "childhood" home a tourist attraction in Macon ,Ga.My mother grew up with you in Pleasant Hill and I'm personally leading this effort.This is well overdue!
Steven Cleveland 2010-01-18

Hi Little Richard,
I am your biggest fan in the entire world. I love you. I think you are the greatest. I am 44 so I was a little young when your music was topping the charts but man, you are number one with me always and forever. I just want to encourage you and let you know I am praying for a speedy recovery  God bless you and I look forward to seeing you  on stage again soon.
Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly  Lewis  2010-01-11

Hi Little Richard
Hope you read this, im a very big fan of you, ill maby 28, but i do love youre sound and youre voice :D Ill hope to see you someday in real on stage or something...
Greats from Albie (holland)
albie lagendijk 2010-01-10

Dear Little Richard
I am a girl from 28, but i totaly mad about the 50's and asspecialy you, youre voice is so amazing! Ill live in holland, but ill hope to see you in real someday... by a concert or something... Ow hope you had a nice christmas and happy new year! Greats Albie
albertine van walsem 2010-01-10

wants to wish the little richard band a merry christmas and a prosperous new year. this have been a ruff year for the band financially. hopefully we can learn from this and make this year a better one for us and our families. love you guys!!!
mark doyle 2010-01-01

Dear Little Richard,
You may not know me but I'm Cheryl Robinson's baby boy I'm Margret Stewart's grandson I like your music and I always Watch your movie on TV I don't miss a single minute of your life story.
 I know were family and I can wait to meet you at our family reunion next year , you change my life around seeing how you was raise and how you was treated by folk in Macon,Georgia back in the day Hope You Write Me Back.
       Love Sincerly, Christian James Robinson
Christian Robinson 2009-12-31

Happu Birthday Baby Boy. I Love You. Your fan forever. Thank you for just being who you are bring joy in the life of millions over the years. God bless you
Antoinette Jones 2009-12-21

This is the finest Christmas present: Little Richard - the KING - will be on the road again. God Bless You Richard.
Karl Bertelsen 2009-12-16

Hi Richard and all his fans,
True story :
My older brother was named Richard, he died of a brain tumor in 2000 at the age of 35 years old. Before he died i ask him what name he likes he answered me Thomas. While he was in coma, i discovered i was pregnant. I had the time to tell him. My little girl born in 2001 and i gave her the name of Thomasine. I just listened the song composed by little Richard "Thomasine" and i found it great. I wish i could know the story of Thomasine song. I found the link very special and it will it will loop the loop.
Thank you!
Catherine vaines 2009-12-15

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KING OF ROCK'n'ROLL. Life just would not be the same without you.
Every good wish from your #1 fan,
John Olliver 2009-12-06

Hello Richard, i wish you all the best for your 77 birthday. Keep on Rockin' and God bless you. From your longtime German Fan Michael Neubert. Please take a look on my webside ( ) so you will find on the button Musik - Party a folder with Little Richard. So you can see some great pictures from Europe and USA in the nineties. Best Regards from Germany, Michael Neubert
Michael Neubert 2009-12-05

Hello Little Richard,
best wishes for your birthday. May the Force be with you!
An affectionate hug,
Riccardo Saporiti
Milan Italy
Riccardo Saporiti 2009-12-05

Richard - I'm glad you're out of the hospital.  Please make a full recovery and continue with your great work.  You are a tropper and an American icon. Indeed, you are the recipient of many prayers; including mine. Phil
Phil Erickson 2009-12-02

Richard....Thanks for all the music, all the showmanship and all the fun over all these years. Been a fan since 1956. Some have come and most have gone but you will be here forever because, simply, you're the greatest.
   May God bless you and keep his eye on you.
                              Your old fan,
                               Skip Cook
p.s. Thanks for all the music..........
Skip Cook 2009-11-30

God bless you old fellow!! I'm your friend from Berlin.Your friend from Star-Club-Hamburg 1962.London1975,Berlin1993......2005 at "Olympia Paris" you take me an your girl friend Angela to jump on the Stage!!!Our Present Shoes with the conterfei"Little Richard"!! Hope to see you soon,All the Best....God bless you!!!! Juergen from Berlin
Juergen WARRES 2009-11-26

My dearest Mr. Penniman ~ you'd BETTER get well soon.  Rock & roll as we know it will end if you go missing.  Loved you ever since you shocked the sh*t out of my parents way back when!  xoxoxoxoxoxox, Paula
Paula DeMarta Mastroianni 2009-11-25

My husband had both hips replaced almost 2 yrs ago and has been better than ever, you will too!
Judy Iannotti 2009-11-24

loretta patterson 2009-10-21

Hi, Little Richard!
Since the very first time I heard your song "Tutti Frutti", I have been one of your biggest fans. I tell you, your style in music has kept me rockin' and rollin' and it still does. You are the architect of Rockn'Roll-music, no one else can surpass you. Not even Elvis Aaron Presley.
Jesper Karm 2009-10-20

Well well, "Little Richard"! WOW! I must say, I've known all about the richness of your music & work since I was a little girl in the 60s. Just tonight, however, I saw a movie on BET television about the story of your life. I would LOVE to meet you and the man behind the power to move the earth! Thank you so very much for rocking the world! Nina Roberts, San Francisco
Nina Roberts 2009-10-12

you are fabulous

Little Richard, my life dream has been to see you in concert.  I finally get to see you on Sept. 26 in Myrtle Beach.  I CAN'T WAIT!!  It will be my best birhtday present ever.
Elaine Jenkins 2009-09-13

Great show at san manuel casino. Thank you for the picture and book. You blew chuck berry out of the water. In other words Fantastic. I look forward to seeing little richard again some time. Thanks again for a great time.
marvin neurer 2009-08-28

Hi Richard,
You are a great inspiration to me. Myself a singer and teacher I have to say you are the best EVER Rock n' Roll singer... the best Rock n' roll records. You are the greatest!
with love, Johnnie.
Johnnie Cochran 2009-07-31

Hello Mr.L.Richard,
you for me the best Rock'n Rolling and Soul-Singer.
All the best for you, Marianne F. Austria
Marianne Fischer 2009-07-27

Hello Richard, I've so enjoyed your performances over the years & I loved those commercials you did - you know "mashed potatoes & gravy - Whoooo"- your commercial was the best of that whole series. The best of everything to you.
JayJay Crownsford 2009-07-22

Hello,my name is Dennis Crawley and I met you at O`HARE airport and you gave me a book called finding Peace Within. I just found out a few years ago that we have the same birthday which is 12/05/1958 for me and I just wanted to say Hello and I know its early but Happy Birthday

Little Richard rocks!
James  Bleeker 2009-07-03

My boyfriend , who cannot use computers and nor speak English though he is a good guitarist, asked me as soon as he found I could use both, saying" Would you please find out if the great Little Richard is planning a tour to Japan?."
So I came here, and beg you come to Japan again.  I really want to see your great performance, sitting (or standing with excitement) next to my boyfriend just like a teeage girl. 
I am looking forward to that day.  God bless us!
H Kiri 2009-06-28

I hope you will be able to include a concert in or near London during 2009.
Roger Browne 2009-06-17

Little Richard's Good Golly Miss Molly will blow your blues right out of the window, down the drive along the road out to the countryside where the Sun will shine and you'll feel great again.
John  Olliver 2009-06-11

Dear Litte Richard:
I saw you peform last night at B.B. Kings in NYC. You were fantastic as expected. Good luck with your hip surgery and keep smiling!
Jeannie Doty
Jean  Doty 2009-06-08

Hi Richard!  I am 54 years old.  I am a drummer, having played pop music in night clubs years ago.  I've played gospel since.  I just started voice lessons.  In all my years in music, you are my biggest influence.  You are awesome.
Claude Abraham 2009-06-04

I love you, you're my hero  :)
Gordon Hall 2009-05-20

Thank you for bringing the joy and wonder of the journey through rock and roll, beginning with music I loved from "The Midnighters, Moonglows, Penguins, Clovers, that were banned from radio.  Your talent brought all those voices to us and gave me hours of dancing and listening pleasure.
I was born when you were eight years old.  My first born, named Richard Michael was serving in the Persian Gulf in Desert Sheild/Desert Storm when you recorded "he's not just a soldier, he's somebodies son" in Voices that Care.  I was so moved and knew my son would be ok.  He returned home unharmed.
My daughter moved to Nashville to pursue a music career, met a wonderful man and they were outside a restaurant you had left, when you spotted them, smiled and high signed about the baby my daughter was so obviously pregnant with.  She delivered  a son, May 3, 2008.  (I think you may remember the event of seeing them)
I haven't had the pleasure of seeing you in person, but I didn't miss your grammy night.  I was moved to tears to see you get the accolades you so deserved for all your dedication and hard work.
Thank you so much for the Grace of your music and spirit being around me and my loved ones over the past half century plus.
God bless you always,
Sonoma, California
Karen Kohr Blinn 2009-05-09

We are plugging your site every day on our radio station and website on a
program called "Licourice Pizza"!
cd dave
Canada's Nostalgia Station
How about a voice drop from you plugging your site.
cd dave 2009-04-24

Dear Little Richard, I am so looking forward to seeing you preform at the Riverbend Festival on May 13. My dad, myself and my son will be there - 3 generations of Little Richard fans!!! Love, Julia
Julia  Bowman 2009-04-13

Richard, saw you in Derby,U.K. in 1964.You were fantastic! Been a fan since 1957.Anyone know where I can get "Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo" on c.d? I'm desperate to find it.Keep Rockin' Lee Ginno
Lee Ginno 2009-04-06

I am 19 years of age from England and i have enjoyed being braught up listening to your wonderfull music you are by far the best, my only dream in life is to see you perform live, and one day i hope for that dream to come true. Thanks and rock on!!!!
alice hamblett 2009-04-06

I seen you live for the first time in Cleveland Ohio at the Moondog ball concert. I can't believe that you are 76 yrs old. Also I hope your hip gets better. Rock On!
Joe  Morales 2009-04-02

Dear Little Richard,
You are a legend, an icon and a superstar!
Donna Braer
Donna Braer 2009-03-28

you are a fantastic entertainer

Ah my sweet man.  I have been a fan for years so when I formed my first Red Hat chapter of old dolls we named our group in your honour.  The Good Golly Miss Molly's are now an official chapter here in Canada of the Red Hat Society and you are our official "hero of Rock & Roll".
Thanks for the music.
Vivian Parkin 2009-03-13

Dear Little Richard,  I wanted to tell you that ROCK & ROLL is not dead.  I introduced my granddaughter to ROCK & ROLL and she loves your song TUTTI FRUTTI.  She has that song on her cell phone for me.  So if anyone tells you that ROCK & ROLL is going to die, not if I can help it.  I grew up with ROCK & ROLL and as long as I am alive, that will be heard in my house.  God bless you and I hope you are around for a long time.  Shirley Watkins

hi richard i ove your song reddy teddy if you want to email me my eamil address is
nick timms 2009-02-17

RICHARD - when you walk into a room the lights come on even if they don't work!
John Olliver 2009-02-12

I just finished reading the 2004 write up of you in Rolling Stone written by -surprise- yourself !!  I have always thought if you wish to know the truth, one must seek the source. Although not chronologically #1, it was far better than the other reviews. You are, by far, the most underrated personality of that era. You have not, however, been overlooked by those that know better. God Bless, Jared.
Jared XXXXXXX 2009-02-06

Hello Richard, I am writing from Milan, Italy. I have 28 years, when I was little my father listening to your songs and I was impressed by the pace Lucille. I like even more of your songs, listen to them again now, I do dance a lot. I read your story and discrimination that have been exposed Congratulations and a warm embrace. Riccardo, Milan
Riccardo Saporiti 2009-01-30

hi! Richard. Born myself in the late 50s, rock 'n' roll music has and still is a big part of my life. You are a true legend and who's songs i love, and cherrish as part of my record collection that i could never replace I wish to thankyou and other great artists of the 50's & 60's for producing such wounderful and unforgetable songs that have given me so much pleasure over the years.
Alan, Felixstowe, England.
Alan Newman 2009-01-24

Dear Little Richard; I have been a big fan of yours for many years. I love your music, it makes me happy, and makes me want to dance. Your spirit is inspiring!  What a life, you are truly blessed. My father, William A. McLaughlin was the owner of the Club Laurel, which was on Broadway, in Chicago. My father past away, on August 4, 2008, he was 83. He had an interesting and exciting life. My sister, Kitty and I, are writing a book about my father's life, and gathering information for our book. We found many jazz greats that started out playing the Club Laurel, unfortunately many are no longer with us. We know you played there when you first started. My dad never allowed us kids at the club at night. We did get to go listen to you rehearse in the afternoon. I remember the week you played the Club Laurel, in October 1968, I've been a fan ever since. I am writing to you, to ask if you have any memorable stories, or perhaps pictures, you could share with us. We would love to hear about your time playing at the Club Laurel. We enjoy hearing stories about our father's life, during the time he had the club, which was 1951 through 1971. It was a great era in time, when Jazz was just being heard for the first time. I have spoken with many people who frequent the Club Laurel, back in the day. The one thing that is always repeated is the energy that the music, and the club had. If you know of any other musician from this era, that we can contact, we would love your input. Love to hear from you. God bless you. Thank you for your time,
Karin M. McLaughlin Berg, 9558 N.W. 19th. Pl. Sunrise, Fl. 33322, 954-296-7886, e-mail:
Karin M. McLaughlin Berg 2009-01-15

Hi Richard, we met at Vivian's Hair Salon on Crenshaw in California some time ago.  Mae (Rose) was my stylist.  You gave me a signed picture of you, but during my move to Las Vegas, it was lost.  Could you send another recent dated picture for me (Susanne) and one for my brother (Richard Croft)?  We would be most appreciative.  We love you and God Bless you.  Hope to see you performing here in Las Vegas.
Susanne Harris
9745 Horizon Hills Dr.
Las Vegas, NV  89117
Susanne  Harris 2009-01-13

I've enjoyed singing rock n' roll since the 60s,I've been in many bands. I am now a solo singer AND I'M STILL SINGING THE SAME SONGS,thats how good the 50s and 60s were.I'm so glad I was born in 1945,history as Little Richard says was happening every day and London was the place to be,whew!! I can't believe I'm still alive.All the best to L.R. and all his fans old and young.Robbie Fox.
ROBBIE FOX 2009-01-11

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