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2018-07-19: The forum and wiki are up again.

2018-07-17: The forum and wiki server broke down. It will take me some time to rebuild the server and rescue what I can. May take a couple of days, though.

2018-07-10: Please, note that the links to forum and wiki without www. in the beginning stopped working. Here are the working links: Forum, Wiki

2016-09-04: Please, note that the forum and the wiki both moved to a new address, again.

2015-08-31: Please, note that the forum and the wiki both moved to a new address, again.

2015-05-01: Please, note that the forum and the wiki both moved to a new address, again.

2010-06-17: Please, join our effort: Little Richard should be a Kennedy Center Honoree

2009-11-23: After his recovery, Richard will be back on stage next year. And fans, he wants to see you all!

2009-11-07: The hip operation yesterday went fine and Richard's recovering.

2009-10-30: Richard's hip operation is now scheduled for November 6.

2009-09-23: Update: The new book "Little Richard - The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll" will be available in US in November, and in Europe in January.

2009-09-23: The wiki is also back.

2009-08-06: The forum is back.

2009-07-11: The new book "Little Richard - The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll" will be published in September.

2009-05-31: Richard was inducted to the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame last night.

2008-08-12: "The Imus Ranch Record" with Richard's "I Ain't Never" will be available on September 16th.

2008-08-01: Richard is doing better now and doctors have given him hope that he won't need a surgery.

2008-06-23: Looks like Don Imus' CD with Richard's version of "I Ain't Never" will be released in September.

2007-11-06: Greet Richard on his 75th birthday on Dec. 5th, see the forum for more.

2007-05-14: Richard will do a private show with other big names in Paris on June 20 (report). He is also planning to retire from touring soon, so, there probably will not be so many upcoming shows.

2007-04-02: Richard will do another Geico commercial soon

2007-03-20: Richard has recorded "I Ain't Never" for a Don Imus compilation and will do a voice for a Santa Claus animation soon.

2006-11-05: The Eddy Mitchell album Jambalaya (with Richard and Johnny Hallyday on Somethin' Else) is available.

2006-09-26: Last Man Standing, the long awaited Jerry Lee Lewis' duet album, is being released today. Richard duets in I Saw Her Standing There.

2006-06-03: Richard has recently re-recorded Somethin' Else, this time with Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell.

2006-04-03: Italy, Australia, and New Zealand are countries where Richard would like to play in. To book him, get in touch!

2005-12-20: Richard will get a Thorpe Medal for contributions to American Arts and Letters around March next year. Also, new show plans listed in the forum.

2005-10-10: Richard seems to get a statue in his honour in Macon.

2005-10-01: Richard to play in Macon next Saturday the 8th.

2005-04-08: Richard's official biography on the top by the Independent Magazine. (More).

2005-04-27: Richard started the UK tour yesterday in Halifax. For more tour information, see the forum.

2005-02-27: Get best seats for the UK shows from number +44-870-881 5544! Tickets to some shows can also be ordered from ticketline.

2005-02-26: The UK tour list from late April to early May can be found in the forum.

2005-04-17: Some shows of the UK tour unsettled and changing. For more information, see the forum.

2005-02-20: Charles White plays most of the Southern Child album today during the last half an hour of his show 18:00-20:00 GMT at Radio York (listen).

2005-02-20: The wiki has been closed for the time being.

2005-01-28: The Reprise stuff is finally available to the public!

2005-01-18: The Reprise stuff is on three CD's, including all the unreleased tunes and two radio spots!

2005-01-01: The article will be on the February edition, and the release date for the Reprise recordings is 18th January.

2004-12-06: Some confirmed upcoming shows:

2004-12-11: The January edition of Now Dig This magazine will contain an article about the London show written by Charles White.

2004-11-27: Richard played another great show in London on Thursday 25th (report). Seems quite possible that we will see the three legends (Richard, Berry, Lewis) again in Europe next summer. Also, it looks like Richard's Reprise recordings will finally be released on CD's, and it will happen soon.

2004-11-18: Richard will be playing with his band in a private event in London next Thursday.

2004-09-19: Richard has recorded the old Beatles song "I Saw Her Standing There" with Jerry Lee Lewis! (confirmed)

2004-07-28: One more confirmed show:

2004-07-19: Some confirmed upcoming shows:

2004-07-22: The forum server had another hard disk failure, and the server has been changed.

2004-07-12: Forum added. There you can discuss with other fans and get answers to your questions! (The link is external and opens a new window.)

2004-05-04: The autumn show in England is almost confirmed. More information at YourGuide.

2004-03-17: Richard inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

2004-03-11: BBC4 will broadcast a Tutti Frutti radio special for the 50th anniversary of the song on December 7 at 13:30 GMT. The program will be available in the web, too.

2004-02-24: The Okeh CD has been released, and you can already find samples of the new songs in the web.

2004-02-03: The release dates of the CD seems to be February 24 and March 1. The record is called Get Down With It - The Okeh Sessions. Seems to contain every studio recording from Okeh.

2004-01-23: According to one interview, Richard has already retired, but it means he still does occational shows.

2004-03-05: Movie Mystery Alaska will be shown in the Finnish channel TV4 today at 21:00 GMT+2.

2004-01-02: Well, it looks like there will be three unreleased songs and some alternate takes on the 17 song CD mentioned below!

2003-12-19: A collection CD with a previously unreleased Little Richard song will be released in March. More details in January from the official press release.

2003-12-05: It is Little Richard's birthday. Let us party with the King!

2003-06-19: The Australian live radio show from '57 is finally out! First time ever, hear the sounds of Little Richard with his original touring band. Lucille and Long Tall Sally!

2003-02-18: Eventhough he is still doing occational shows, he still wants to retire.

2003-01-21: The friends on Feb. 8. show are Sam Moore and Ben E. King (unconfirmed).

2003-01-10: Eventhough his "last" show is next month, he is taking bookings after that.

2003-01-04: The radio documentary is available at until Wednesday the 8th.

2002-12-10: A 57 minute radio documentary is being broadcast on 2003-01-01 at 21:03 GMT. You can listen to it at It contains the interview and Long Tall Sally from the '57 live radio show from Australia.

2002-11-18: Looks like Richard's last show will be on February 8. 2003, in Los Angeles.

2002-11-13: After delays, delays, and more delays, it now looks like the '57 live show might finally be released early next year.

2002-10-08: Get Rhythm added to the recordings/discography.

2002-09-17: After three years of waiting, you can finally listen to Richard's Candid Camera theme song. Click here.

2002-08-15: At the end of this year Richard plans to retire completely from the limelight.

2002-06-27: Looks like Richard has recorded "Get Rhythm" for a Johnny Cash tribute CD called "Kindred Spirits" that is set for release on September 24.

2002-04-20: Richard, Bo Diddley, and Chuck Berry to receive an award on May 14 (more).

2002-02-25 Upcoming show in US, 2002-04-16, Flamingo Hilton, Laughlin, NV.

2002-02-23: Richard will recieve the Hall of Fame award today at Image Awards

2002-01-08: Lucille and Long Tall Sally, recorded live in Australia in October 1957, will soon be released on a CD. This is the first time since the '50s that it will be possible to hear Little Richard with his original '50s touring band.

2002-01-03: Some upcoming shows in US:

2001-07-10: Some upcoming show dates in US:

2001-04-09: Some upcoming show dates in US:

2000-02-23: Some upcoming show dates in US:

2000-11-18: Some upcoming show dates in US:

2000-09-15: Some upcoming shows in US:

2000-06-29: Some more upcoming shows in US:

2000-06-28: E! - True Hollywood Story on Richard will be shown next month.
2000-06-19: The European tour of the Legends starts next week.
2000-05-25: The second quiz winner has finally been allotted. And the name is Tracy LaVere. Congratulations!
2000-04-03: Some upcoming US shows:
May 6, Gruene Hall, New Bruenfels, TX (Austin/San Antonio)
May 7, Memphis, TN
June 13-18, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
October 7, Midwest Express Center, Milwaukee, WI
2000-02-28: For 'Little Richard' home video or CD ordering information, call 1-800-NBC-8433 (in US).
2000-02-25: The E! True Hollywood Story about Richard is under work by E! and Charles White. The one hour program should come out in May.
2000-01-27: The TV movie of Richard's life called "Little Richard" will be aired on February 20.
2000-01-25: The eight part series radio show Richard did for BBC late last year will be broadcasted in April.
2000-01-03: Next summer Richard will be in Europe again with the other legends Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.
99-12-28: Richard has already done five hours of radio show for BBC.
99-12-03: Richard will perform in the House of Blues in Chicago on January 16th next year. The upcoming Sunday the 5th is Richard's 67th birthday. Congratulations!
99-11-30: The upcoming NBC telemovie, The Little Richard Story, will be in production next month and aired in February. Robert Townsend will direct it in Los Angeles.
99-11-26: Next week Richard will be doing a 10 program radio show for BBC. It will come out next year.
99-11-08: The filming of the upcoming telemovie will not start until next year. Richard has a plan to come to Austria for one show in December. After John Helms' funeral he was in his auntie's funeral.
99-11-04: Leon will play Richard on the upcoming telemovie.
99-10-25: Richard just entered the memorial ceremony of one of his band members.
99-10-23: Richard's tour in Europe in November has been cancelled, but there is a new plan for the legends to come next summer!
99-09-18: Richard's life will finally be telefilmed starting in November.
99-09-01: Richard is currently on tour, has just done five Hollywood Squares shows last week, and will do the Candid Camera theme song later this year.
99-07-23: The magazine now contains this year, too. Click the link on the left frame!
99-06-30: Some upcoming shows in US and Canada in July:
3. New Orleans, Lousiana
5. Chicago, Illinois
8. Ottawa, Canada
17. Reno, Nevada
18. Concord, California
99-06-07: Richard has plans to come to Europe late this year!
99-05-14: A couple of legends concerts in the States coming in early June. Again, Richard, Jerry Lee, and Chuck will rock!
99-04-16: The UK tour in May is cancelled.
99-04-02: The UK tour in May is called All American Solid Gold Rock 'n' Roll Show, and Richard will be rocking with Bobby Vee, Brian Hyland, Little Eva, Johnny Preston, and Chris Montez.
99-03-31: Some confirmed concert dates in US:
June 19 New Richmond, Ohio/Festival Park
August 1 El Paso, Texas/Tigua Indian Reservation
August 8 Detroit Lakes, MN/We Fest
99-03-08: Some confirmed concert dates in UK in May:
13 Manchester, England
15 Glasgow, Scotland
16 Aberdeen, Scotland
17 Newcastle, England
18 Birmingham, England
19 Bournemouth, England
20 London, England
22 Cardiff, England
99-02-20: The next summer tour in Europe is now called 'Legends of Soul and Rock and Roll,' and Richard should be around with Wilson Pickett and Bo Diddley.
99-01-28: The Disney/Touchstone film 'Mystery Alaska', starring Burt Reynolds, will be released in the States on February 5th. In the movie Richard plays himself. Next summer Richard seems to join the 'Legends of the Millenium' tour with Van Morrison, Wilson Picket, and Bo Diddley. This tour in Europe should take place in July. On the 17th they should be in Finland.
98-12-15: The movie Mystery Alaska will probably be released in the States in the early February next year. Some confirmed concert dates:
Jan. 16, Las Vegas, Nevada (Silverton Casino)
Jan. 23, Marksville, Louisiana (Grand Casino Avoyelles)
Feb. 6, Philadelphia, Mississippi (Silver Star Hotel & Casino)
Feb. 16 & 17, Sloan, Iowa (WinnaVegas Casino Showroom)
98-12-17: The Tutti Frutti Rock and Roll Show Interview from last December 22nd will be rerun next Monday Dec. 21st between 21:15 and 22:00 GMT+2. Tune to Radiomafia Finland!
98-11-05: Richard will soon be taping shows for the new 'Hollywood Squares' show, and he will participate in the Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 29. It will be aired live in LA, and next week worldwide.
98-11-03: Richard will be at the 2nd Annual New Year's Eve Party in downtown Houston, Texas.
98-10-17: Richard's plans to go to Argentina and Australia has not been confirmed yet.
98-09-04: Also a second record from the movie "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" will be released, on September 15th. It contains original versions, one of them being the classic "Tutti Frutti." Kids has already been seen leaving the theater singing "Tutti Frutti" and doing Richard's trademark howl!
98-08-24: Soundtrack for the movie "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" will be released on September 8th.
98-08-18: The movie "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" opens on August 28th in the States.
Upcoming shows in October:
24th, Joliet, Illinois (Rialto Square Theatre)
25th, Prior Lake, Minnesota (Mystic Lake Casino)
31st, Mashantucket, CT (Foxwoods Resort Casino)
Find more shows at Pollstar.
98-07-19: Richard is going to Argentina this year, and to Australia in November!
98-07-13: The Legends tour in Europe starts tomorrow. Jerry Lee, Chuck, and Richard will rock again!
98-06-25: On July 1st Richard appears in the US shows called "Howie" and "The Magic Hour."
98-06-17: Richard appears together with Joe Walsh on a new record called "The Drew Carey Show."
98-05-08: On July 2nd Richard will appear in Greek Theatre in Los Angeles with Tom Jones and Solomon Burke.
98-04-15: Richard did "Let the Good Times Roll" on "Quincy Jones... the First 50 Years." He is expected to be soon seen on TV again in "An Evening In Vegas." He also appears on the movie "Mystery Alaska," and will appear on "Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Part II."
98-03-23: The movie Chairman of the Board has been released in the States, and because of scheduling problems, Richard is not on it.
98-03-03: The European tour next summer is called "The Legends of Rock and Roll."
98-02-18: Richard will be touring in Europe with Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis again next summer!
98-02-09: The Frankie Lymon movie will be out in August.

97-12-30: The movie "Chairman Of The Board" comes out in March next year in the States. The Frankie Lymon movie is called "Why Do Fools Fall In Love". In it Richard plays himself and it is also expected to come out next year.
97-12-22: Richard gave today a live telephone interview to the Tutti Frutti Rock 'n' Roll show. I think it was the first time ever in Finnish radio.
97-12-15: Richard is working on a movie about Frankie Lymon.
97-12-12: Richard is planning to tour Europe again next summer. According to the latest information, Richard is not working on any recordings, but has done a duet with Ray Charles.
97-09-30: Richards newest duet, Hold On To What You've Got, is on a Jimmy Lewis record called Soulgasm.
97-09-04: Some street in New York in the morning 97-08-15, Richard performed Good Golly Miss Molly, Lucille, and I Saw Her Standing There.
97-08-23: Richard has already released a one tune record.
97-08-23: Richard should also be working on a duets record, so, we should be able to expect some record to appear sooner or later.
97-08-10: Richard is working on a Christmas record as well as a rock and roll record!
97-07-27: Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry gave us the Greatest Rock and Roll Show on Earth.
Jerry Lee was good, Richard incredible, and Chuck surprised positively.
97-05-13: Richard's newest recording, Everybody's Got A Game, is on a Solomon Burke CD called The Definition Of Soul.
Richard is also about to make a movie with Eddie Murphy.
97-02-17: Richard is coming again! In July he will perform with Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis here in Helsinki.
Richard appeared in Sesame Street singing Rosita.
97-02-02: The American Music Academy gave Richard the Award of Merit on 97-01-28.
He also performed at the Super Bowl in New Orleans.
96-12-12: Richard plays a small part in a movie called Chairman of the Board.
96-11-02: Richards regularity in Bay Watch seems to be limited to one episode.
96-08-05: Richard appeared in the Olympic closing ceremony. First they had him lipsync Good Golly Miss Molly, but then they let him loose on Long Tall Sally! Did you see his eyes?
96-07-28: Richard will appear in the Olympic closing ceremony.
96-07-22: Richard finally came to Finland and showed us how to rock. Ooh wee!