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USA '56, picture from David Alston

Australia 1957, picture from Ian Sharp

Denmark 1975, picture by Ib Garodkin

London 1985, picture by Timo Reijola

London 1985, picture by Timo Reijola

Sweden 1990, picture by Lassi Hakkarainen

Hague 1996, picture by Jeroen van Aernsbergen

Hamburg 1996, picture by Michael Neubert

Finland 1996, picture by Jussi Mentu

Helsinki 1997, picture by Timo Reijola

Florida 1997, picture by Michael Neubert

Germany 1998, picture by Timo Reijola

Germany 1998, picture by Timo Reijola

Michigan 1999, picture by Monica Moilanen

Sweden 2000, picture by Carl-Gustaf EdhardtSweden 2000, picture by Timo ReijolaSweden 2000, picture by Timo ReijolaCalifornia 2003, picture by David Alston
London 2004, picture by Timo ReijolaUSA 2006, picture by Tom EganLondon 2007, picture by Ron CalefMaryland 2009, pictrure by Timo ReijolaMaryland 2009, pictrure by Timo ReijolaWashington DC 2011, pictrure by Timo Reijola

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Celine Chamberlin, pictures from 1996

Jarmo Hoppula, pictures from 1996

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Volubilis 2006


Epcot 2006