The Life and Times of Little Richard, the Quasar of Rock
His official biography by Charles White, available from Omnibus Press and it can be found in bookstores. In addition to three English editions, at least French and Finnish editions available. Cover from the first American hardcover edition.

Little Richard Special
By John Garodkin. Lots of information about recording sessions and records. Cover from the second edition.

Little Richard, The Quasar Of Rock by Charles White

Little Richard Special by John Garodkin

Little Richard: The Originator Of Rock
By Paul MacPhail, a day by day book about Richard's life. Order from the author. Cover from work in progress 2011 edition.

Little Richard: The Birth Of Rock 'n' Roll
By David Kirby, a pop culture study about the world before and after Tutti Frutti. The book can be found in bookstores.

Little Richard: The Originator of Rock and Roll by Paul MacPhail

Little Richard: The Birth of Rock and Roll by David Kirby

Online reading

Rockin' in Milwaukee by Mike Cepress
The king by David Alston
The 1957 Australian tour newspaper reviews
Article by John Garodkin
Art Rocking in London, report by Timo Reijola

Little Richard News magazine samples by John Garodkin

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Day by Day 1998

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